Get the Picture

Get the Picture

How do you picture Christ? Maybe you were in a Sunday school class many years ago where they used flannel graph images. Maybe on one of those Sundays, you were exceptionally good and the teacher asked you to move the printed picture of Jesus into the boat with the disciples.

Maybe you enjoy the artwork and you think back to some of the famous paintings such as the Last Supper.

Maybe your image of Christ is more updated than that. There have been several features of Christ on the big screen in recent years.

All the pictures we may have in our mind are weak and superficial for they only capture the human resemblance of our Savior who walked this earth 2,000 years ago. You see, the portrait of Christ reveals so much more. When we truly see Christ,

  • We don’t just see a man endowed with great power to heal the sick and cast out demons, although he was that.
  • We don’t just see a gentleman but also a hero for a cause, although he was gentle to those who believed and caustic toward those who disrespected His Father.
  • We don’t just see a teacher with the uncanny ability to take common everyday experiences and open up a treasure of spiritual truths, although he did that often.

The Portrait of Christ reveals so much more. Jesus reveals to you and to me everything about God. No man has seen God at any time, but Jesus Christ will communicate the depths of the riches of who He is. As an infinite being His ways are past our finding out, but Jesus Christ translates the eternal abstract into something that we can understand.

When I was working during my seminary years, I was an enrollment advisor. That required that I be on the phone with applicants constantly helping them to get their information so they could be accepted. I had a list of applicants that I watched over. Usually, I would have talked to this person on the phone and by the sound of their voice, I had my idea of what they looked like. Then I would get their picture in the mail for their file and what I envisioned and what they actually looked like were never the same.

The people had heard the teaching of the OT. Many of them had probably read parts of it themselves. By hearing the Words of God, they began to imagine what the Messiah would look like. They imagined a stately king riding into Jerusalem on a strong horse. They imagined a brilliant leader with more wisdom than what Solomon had leading Israel to be the world-power they once were.

He came unto his own, and his own received him not. (John 1:11)

Why couldn’t they recognize Christ?

They were always looking for the wrong person.

What are you looking for? For whom do you seek? Are you seeking that fix in your life?

You see people today are still looking for the same type of Christ that the people in Jesus’ day were looking for.

They weren’t looking for humility.
They aren’t expecting to find difficulty.
They aren’t looking for sacrifice.

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