A Shot of Encouragment

A Shot of Encouragment

“Everything is against me!”

Have you ever felt that way? If you have read 1 Samuel 22-24, David knows how you feel. He is burdened because he occasioned the death of 85 priests, after delivering Keilah he flees because they would betray him, and he was nearly surrounded by Saul’s men in Maon. Everywhere he turned, he was hard-pressed to find encouragement, yet within each scene, he was given a dose of encouragement which signaled God’s unwavering support.

Out of the Levite slaughter, he won the loyalty of Abiathar and constant contact with God. You could say his communication was strengthened through this event. After fleeing from Keilah because of the threat of betrayal, he was affirmed by his closest friend, Jonathan. Their conference and covenant were reassuring. Jonathan pledged his allegiance to David and strengthened his hand in God. You could say his courage was strengthened through a friend’s commitment. Caught between the rock and the hard place of a fight against Saul or surrender and be killed, the messenger notifies Saul of a national security issue. God’s intervention by way of man’s movements strengthened his confidence in God. All three were important assets for his next encounter when Saul was in the cave with David and his men. He needed to be closely connected to God’s will. He needed to be courageous enough to stand against the worldly wisdom. He needed to be confident God would take care of Saul in His own way.

Medical science regularly applies a practice through vaccination whereby they give you a dose of a pathogen so your body will fight it and be strengthened against that disease. In the midst of your seasons of “dis-couragement,” remember courage is in the word. Look for a little shot of encouragement. It will help you strengthen your communication, your courage, and your confidence in God.


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