Valient for Truth

What is truth?  That is the pointed question that Pilate asked of Jesus after Jesus claimed He was on earth testifying of “the truth”.  Two thousand years later, many are essentially asking that same question.  In our post-modern era of relativism, many would even deny the idea that there could be such a thing as absolute truth.  After all, if there is no standard then how can one claim truth?  If I believe something to be true and you believe something else to be true, who’s to say who is right?  Or can we even say that one is more correct than the other?  What if the correct answer depends on the situation? Because the Bible has lost its place of being generally accepted to be the Word of God in our culture, we have therefore removed any form of a standard, leaving man and his thoughts to be the “end all be all”.  

Unfortunately, this kind of thinking has also creeped into the “Christian” church as well.  You may have heard last week about the CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) singer Lauren Daigle who made an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on TV.  For those who may not know, Ellen is an openly lesbian woman.  After Lauren gushed about how wonderful Ellen was, Lauren was asked the pointed question of whether or not she believed homosexuality was sin.  Her response was that, “I can’t say one way or the other.  I’m not God.”  I’m sure most of us right away could quickly point out the error of her thinking.  As Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis responded, “You’re right, you’re not God, Lauren Daigle.  But you have God’s Word.  And it’s clear from Scripture {that} adultery, fornication and homosexual behavior are sin!”
This idea of God’s absolute truth is reiterated in our reading today in 2 John.  Five different times in the first four verses John uses the word “truth”.  As we read on through the chapter, we see John’s warnings against false teachers and gives guidance on how to deal with them.  John by now is in the waning years of his life and we can see clearly how important the idea of absolute truth found in God’s Word was to him.  Jesus Himself claimed to be “the Truth” in John 14:6 and also stated “Thy Word is truth” in John 17:7 (Jesus speaking to the Father).  May we not shift our thinking away from the historical biblical truth of actual, absolute truth and error!


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