Answering the Critics

Answering the Critics

Telling others about Jesus should be the natural outflow of a Christ centered life. So often we focus on the action of soul winning, rather than the Actor of soul saving, Jesus Christ. This Actor works through the person of the Holy Spirit who dwells in us to bring forth fruit. But we can only bring forth fruit if our spiritual eyes of understanding are opened, first. This occurs at salvation when Christ removes the blinders and allows the glorious light of the Gospel to shine unto us. If we’re truly saved and walking in that light, we’ll be desirous to tell others of this miraculous event. Much like the blind man of John chapter 9.

We can learn a lot from him. He, too, was born blind. Only the divine power of Jesus Christ could remove the curse of blindness. He couldn’t do it. No good work or diligent effort could produce such a result. Only Christ can save. In the name of Jesus, only, is there salvation. Another truth for consideration is that people immediately noticed the change. He was no longer groping in darkness. He was no longer begging, depending on others. He could see! Now this man hadn’t spent his life in the most astute Israeli universities. He wasn’t endowed with honorary doctorates in honor of his accomplishments. He was a poor beggar with no social or financial recourse. It’s doubtful, even, that he was that articulate or eloquent. He probably didn’t know much. But one thing he did know was that a man named Jesus restored his sight. He did understand that for another man to do such an act, it would require power above what any mortal possessed.

This brings us to the critics. They didn’t believe it because they didn’t want to believe it. It was self evident to all that this man was born blind, his own parents verified the fact. These critics were the intellectuals, the highly educated, the astute. The exact opposite of this man. But did that prevent his testimony from having an impact? Did that keep the Holy Spirit from accomplishing His work of conviction within their hearts? No. Because, “God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the things which are mighty.” God has chosen the foolishness of preaching. Where was the blind man’s Bible college degree? What about his masters, or doctorate? Do we need such things to be effective and efficient witnesses? They certainly help, but no! So what testimony do you need greater than that work which Christ did in your life? What further intellect or “book smarts?” Folks, we need Jesus. His miraculous work of salvation in our lives is more than enough. When I read the story of the blind man whom Jesus healed, I come away with two words.

No excuses.

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