Be Ready!

Be Ready!

In my mind, there are few things worse than feeling unprepared.  What an emotion of hopelessness that feeling brings!   Just last week I attended a meeting in which one of the organizers gave me the impression I would strictly be an observer and would have no responsibilities related to the content of the meeting.  Well about half-way through the meeting, my manager asked me to report on a certain subject.  What??  There was about 25 people present at the meeting and I was asked to present a topic that I hadn’t taken the time to prepare for.  Fortunately it was something I was familiar with and (I think!) was able to fudge my way through, at least in a respectable manner.  That said, how much better I would have felt at that meeting if I had actually known to prepare.  

As embarrassing as it might be to be unprepared at a meeting, it certainly doesn’t even begin to compare to not being ready for Christ’s return.  In Luke 21 we read an account of Jesus speaking to His disciples about his 2nd coming to earth.  And in verse 34 we read, “And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.”    Did you catch that last phrase?  Don’t let that day catch you unawares.  

Certainly the admonition to be ready has application to unbelievers.  How many people know they are lost and know how to be saved but they plan on taking care of that someday down the road.  Like Felix in the book of Acts, they look for a more convenient day.  So for many unbelievers, the day of Christ’s return will catch them unawares.  However, we as Christians need to be ready as well.  We shouldn’t be wrapped up in sins such as drunkenness as mentioned in verse 34 or in the “the cares of this life”.  Those cares could include careers, friends or hobbies- anything that prevent us from living the Christian life as we should.  No, we need to live with an active anticipation of the imminent return of Christ!  


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