Behemoth Busting

Behemoth Busting
Bronco busting is intense. While vacation a couple summers ago, we were driving through Cheyenne, WY where they had a museum of all things Wyoming. The museum talked about the pioneers and settling the state. It’s most interesting exhibits were on Frontier Days and the signature feature of this western festival is the rodeo. What a challenge it is to stay on the bucking bronco. You can watch video after video of these brave cowboys. However, when they fall off, you will also notice how quickly they scamper to the fence to get to safety. The power in a horse is nothing to sniff at.
Throughout the book of Job, God’s wisdom has been challenged, “Shall he that contendeth with the Almighty instruct him? Wilt thou condemn me, that thou mayest be righteous? Hast thou an arm like God” (Job 40:2, 8-9)? God calls for an audition. “If you think you can do better,” God challenges Job, “then start by humbling every one that is proud.”
God begins to describe one of his mightiest creatures, behemoth. Boom. Boom. BOOM. Behemoth towers above Job. With one step he can crush Job. With the flick of his tail Job would be launched through the air. The mighty rush of a swollen, raging river does not intimidate behemoth. God challenges Job to some Behemoth Busting. “Reign in Behemoth if you can!”
Man has been blessed with the image of God which I believe includes the creative power you enjoy every day. Man, unique among God’s creation, builds massive cities with intense infrastructure or launches satellites into orbit several miles above the earth’s surface. While in New York City this past week, one person mentioned how mind-boggling it was to consider all the cell phones actively in use throughout the city and all of the music, video, news, emails, messages, pinpoint navigation and everything else wirelessly transmitted to each person’s phone correctly. We are capable of doing some incredible things which mold and manufacture so much of creations raw resources. We begin to think we are fairly invincible until we are bracing for a hurricane, staring in the face of a ferocious beast, and solving the complexities of one’s health.
In the scope of all God has created, man is special, but man is still limited. God is supreme. Who are we to question His strength, His wisdom, His justice. You can rest in God’s capability “to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day” (2 Timothy 1:12). We are but dust, but God loves you so much He came to earth and died for dust. While you ponder your insignificance, also consider how much God cares for you. While we may not be “busting” any behemoths, if we humbly submit to God’s direction in our lives, we will not be disappointed.

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