Burdened Under Satan’s Yoke

Burdened Under Satan’s Yoke

Listening to podcasts this week, one featured a mother of four who stepped into a challenging New Year’s Eve when she and her husband opted to eliminate everything extracurricular in their schedule. She said her pastor called it a “radical sabbatical.” They opted to make the most important thing, relationship investments in their family, the priority for one year. Using the word “BUSY” as an acrostic, this mother described busy as “Burdened Under Satan’s Yoke.” 
Launching into 2019, as I was reading through our second day on this current plan, I was struck with a common thread woven throughout all four passages. Chaos was reigned in through divine order. Notice in Genesis 2, God establishes the order of family. After six days of creation, he rests on the seventh and places man in the Garden to maintain order as the garden grew. God brought to Adam a help meet strengthening the divine expectation of order through this beautiful partnership. Together, they maintain their home in accordance with God’s design for order in the family. 

In Matthew 2, what lead the wise men to the Christ-child? The signs in the stars which were created by God and set in the skies to give direction guided these magi to find the salvation of the world. This cosmic order allowed these men to navigate the oracles of prophecy. Jesus Christ who holds all creation together for by him all things consist was born and laid in a manger bringing order to a world disoriented by sin.
In Ezra, we see a list of names which nearly makes our eyes glaze over but notice the detail in the social order. These genealogies gave structure and dignity to the community. Some were disqualified from religious service because they could not trace their ancestry. This same meticulous organization verifies the lineage of Christ in Matthew 1. The social order Ezra and Nehemiah brought enabled their community to rebuild from the chaos of tragedy. 

Surprisingly many who emphasize the events of Acts 2 lead charismatic ministries which are characterized by chaos. Spiritual order, however, dominates the scene at the promised arrival of the Comforter. The Holy Ghost debuted upon the corporate body of Christ which led to passionate evangelism, worship, unity, and community as thousands were added to the church.

Maybe you won’t be as extreme to take a radical sabbatical, but chaos has certainly crept into your life. Let’s name it for what it is—the enemy of order which is God’s expectation. Because man failed to manage God’s prescribed order, sin came into the world and death by sin. Stress feeds your brain dopamine which means you can technically become addicted to chaos! Follow the divine prescription and establish order in your home. Just like the Garden of Eden, it is a responsibility which requires vigilance and consistency. In time, your life of order will honor God, the Master of order. 

“Take my yoke upon you…and ye shall find rest unto your souls” (Matthew 11:29).

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