“But Noah Found Grace…”

“But Noah Found Grace…”

Sometimes it feels like our world is turning further and further from God and closer and closer to the world that was destroyed by God’s global flood. So how can we like Noah find grace in the eyes of the Lord?

This is the beautiful paradigm that is presented in the early chapters of Genesis and continues throughout the rest of Scripture. Noah did something special. Noah did something different from everyone around him. And yet, at the same time, it wasn’t anything that HE did that made him special, but rather in whom he put his trust.

From Noah’s example here, to at least 17 others in Hebrews 11, to our response to the Gospel, the same key wins us favor with God as they all had: Faith. It wasn’t about the amazing things they did (although some of them did do some pretty incredible things), it was about their relationship to God. It wasn’t enough for them to know about God, they knew God well enough to put their trust in Him.

I particularly love Hebrews 11:32-38, as they enumerate situations that he “doesn’t have time to write about,” yet were well known examples of how to live as followers of God. If you were to encapsulate every part of the law of God, every part of God’s grace extended to man, and every belief about God’s character into one word, it would be “faith.”

When we are teaching the children, we use this summation of this topic: “Belief is what you know, trust is what you do, and faith is what connects the two.” You see, it isn’t enough to believe in God. The devils believe in God. They KNOW certain things to be true of Him and it is imperative that we know certain things about God’s character, but that isn’t enough. On the other hand, just blindly trusting in God without knowing anything about Him is foolish too. Faith combines a well developed understanding of the person and character of God with a full fledged trust in that character.

This is what set Noah apart from everyone else. He first had a vital knowledge of God. Without this, he never would have followed through in his trusting actions. Secondly though, he did follow up his knowledge with action by taking tool in hand to build the ark exactly as God instructed Him to do. When you combine this knowledge and action, you have faith.

So how can we have God’s grace on our lives like Noah had on his life? The simple answer is to have faith. The more developed answer is that you need to have an intimate knowledge of God’s character by studying what He has done in the past so that you can know how He will respond in your situation. Secondarily, once you know that information, turning that belief into action in your life is called trust. When you combine those concepts into faith, then you too can “find grace in the eyes of the Lord.”

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