Can Your Country Save You?

Can Your Country Save You?

America is far from the world’s first major power. If we look at history, we see dozens of major players on the world stage, most notably the Egyptians, Babylonians, Medio-Persians, Romans, all the way up to the Napoleonic Empire. But tucked in amid all these great superpowers is a little country of relatively small population that seems to be almost indestructible. A small country that, even when it has been conquered, comes back as strong or stronger than before. Look at the children of Israel after the Egyptian captivity. They went to the promised land and destroyed city after city. Not bad for a group who hasn’t had a sovereign state in over 400 years! What about after the Babylonian and Medio-Persian captivity? You guessed it, they rebuilt the walls, and the city, and were once again a strong presence in the world. But there’s a problem to having a country that seems to do so well: It’s easy to become comfortable.

Look what Amos wrote in chapter 6: “Woe to them that are at ease [comfortable] in Zion, and trust in the mountain of Samaria…” He isn’t saying Zion or Samaria are bad, he is saying that those who trust in their country rather than in God need to shift their confidence. Then look at Chapter 7. It doesn’t take much for God to show us that our confidence is misplaced. Do you know what God used to bring Israel to a screeching halt? Grasshoppers…..BUGS! God doesn’t need a major thing. He can use anything to show how fragile the object of our trust is if it’s on anything besides him. Look at our current scenario. Germs literally shut down the US economy and infrastructure. God is the only one who is worthy of our trust.

At first glance, some might take the title of today’s devotional thought as a slight against America. And therein lies the problem. Many people are so concerned that America is the greatest country ever (and that point can be validly argued) that we become comfortable and complacent because of our country, rather than placing our confidence where it belongs: in God!

What if we put ourselves in Amos 6:1? Woe unto those who are comfortable in America and who put their trust in Washington D.C. While we do live in a wonderful country, our country can’t save us. We need to turn back and find our confidence in the one place it can always reliably be found: in the one who created the world, and who allowed each superpower to come onto the world stage and pass off of it according to his time. Your country can’t save you, but God can!

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