Check Your Dashboard

Check Your Dashboard

The blue light special was flashing in my rearview mirror. This would not be good. I pulled off onto the shoulder, and the police officer informed me I was going too fast through the weigh station. At this time, I was delivering brand new trucks and busses around North America. This bus happened to be heading to Canada so the dashboard indicated kilometers per hour instead of miles per hour. I was doing fine on the open road, but when you go through a weigh station in Kentucky they throw oddball speed limits like 12 mph at you. When they say 12 mph, they mean 12 mph. My quick conversion estimates weren’t good enough. I was going 2 mph too fast!

What if your life’s dashboard has the wrong metric? Could it be possible you are driving through a miles-per-hour zone using kilometers-per-hour? You may be able to make the conversions, but eventually, you’ll be found out.

In Luke 10, three stories weave a fascinating portrait of service. The disciples were commissioned to preach and return celebrating their accomplishments. The lawyer challenges Christ and learns a lesson from a good Samaritan. Martha is cumbered about with much serving and learns about priorities. All three stories are meant to calibrate our metrics when we are engaged in the Lord’s work.

The disciples rejoiced, “Even the devils are subject unto us through thy name” (Luke 10:17)! Jesus recalibrates their dashboard. “Rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven” (Luke 10:20). Serving God is not about the results, but about your relationship with God.

The lawyer tests Christ and Jesus shakes his metric system. While the lawyer and scribes and Levites were self-congratulating “servants of God,” they would hardly lift a finger to help someone in need. Jesus insulted their identity by forcing them to learn from a Samaritan. Serving God is not about the respect, but about your relationship with God.

The final story involves a flustered Martha and focused Mary. Charles Spurgeon said it so well, “Her fault was that she grew ‘cumbered with much serving,’ so that she forgot him, and only remembered the service.” Serving God is not about the rush, but about your relationship with God.

These reminders are for you and me. I have caught myself measuring my service to God by the results, the respect, and the rush, but God uses a different system. Do you want the heart of Christ to rejoice? “In that hour Jesus rejoiced in spirit, and said, I thank thee, O Father” (Luke 10:21)! Recalibrate your metrics when it comes to serving God. If you are rightly related to God, you will not stumble whether the results are great or small, whether man respects you or not, or whether you feel important or necessary. Your badge of honor is your relationship with your Heavenly Father and the wonderful privilege you have to serve Him.

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