Comfort Zone Cover-up

Comfort Zone Cover-up
“Who am I to go to Pharaoh?”
Excuse me? Who are you? You were Pharaoh’s daughter’s adopted child. You learned the customs and strategies of the Egyptians. You were taught everything you know from them. There is no question about it, but Moses was qualified. Besides all of that, it didn’t matter who Moses was!
God reminds Moses of something we all need to remember. God says, “Certainly I will be with thee.” God wants Moses to be assured that there is no question. God will be there the whole way. God wants to give Moses a sign, but He knows that Moses is depending on the physical. He gives Moses a promise, just as He did to Abraham—He will worship on this mountain again with the Children of Israel.
When we think of signs we usually think of Gideon and the fleece. We depend on something before we are commissioned. Notice the security of God’s promises. He did not pick that bush as the focus of the promise. He did not pick a rock or a stick, He chose the whole mountain. God’s promise was a sure thing. That mountain isn’t going anywhere. It is something Moses could set his sights on. God gave a definite location. He did not say in the land of Canaan we will meet again see you later. He said Moses, I am with you and I will bring you to this place again.
Moses misses the pass. He does not jump on the wagon with God. He does not capture the burden.
We now see the real force behind all of these questions. Moses is established and he is comfortable. God is putting Moses in a position that he will have to act in faith. He hasn’t really had to act in faith for 40 years. He has just been taking care of sheep. The faith he had to flee Egypt is long passed now. He has lived in this place for 40 years and that is long enough for anyone to be firmly rooted and difficult to uproot. Imagine a tree for 40 years. It is difficult to move that tree. Whenever God’s call comes, we must realize that it will require us moving from our comfort zone. But you see this is helpful. How much was Moses accomplishing for God in Midian? Probably not much and definitely not as much as when he would go to Egypt. Yes, the move would be difficult, but God wanted to put Moses in the best place possible.
This is where Christians fail time and again. They see the plan, they know God is involved, they know something needs to be done, but they let the burden pass on by them. They are content watching their insignificant sheep in the wilderness and are not concerned with the burden of God. Be consumed with the burden of God. Be passionate when He calls you to a task. Let it engulf you with the same passion.
Do you remember where you were spiritually when you felt God’s call in your life? Have you left that place and forgotten about it? Don’t forget about it because God desires you to bring others to that same point and beyond. Don’t squander the divine moments in your life. Don’t miss the pass.

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