Do Right

Do Right

If you’ve ever been the only person in a group who wanted to do right, you know how tough peer pressure can be. Whether the group wants to do something wrong, or doesn’t want to do what they are supposed to, they can put some intense pressure on anyone who disagrees with them. The lower the percentage of those who want to do right, the higher the pressure. That’s why it’s good to have friends who also want to do right. When that peer pressure comes, you won’t be standing up by yourself. But what if, instead of being the only person in the room who wanted to do right, you were the only person in the world!?

That’s the picture that Genesis 6 paints for us. Those who had done right in the past made friendships with and even married those who were living in rebellion to God. Pretty soon, that friendship with the world became enmity with God to the point that those people wanted nothing to do with anything righteous. The only person left who was still committed to following God was Noah. Can you imagine the peer pressure Noah faced? In any situation, he was the only one who wanted to do right. Always in the minority. Always having to stand alone. But Solomon could have used Noah as his illustration in Proverbs 1. He didn’t go along down the path of the wicked, but instead, he maintained his integrity in spite of the adversity.

God saw the utter depravity of mankind and decided to pass judgment on the wicked. But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. God rewards faithfulness. Noah was wholly committed to doing right regardless of the cost. It ended up costing him a lot of time and work building the ark, but the choices everyone around him made cost them everything. Sometimes, it’s easy to look around us, even as the Psalmist did and perceive that the wicked are prospering and the righteous are being punished. But at the end of the day, God is righteous and He will judge sin accordingly. That’s not for us to worry about. We can learn from Noah’s example to do right no matter who stands for us or against us. (Romans 8:31) As I read today’s passages, it reminded me of a song I learned a long time ago. I’ll leave you today with the words from the chorus:

Do right till the stars fall,

Do right till the last call,

Do right though there’s no one else to stand by you.

Do right when you’re all alone,

Do right though it’s never known

Do right since you love the Lord – do right, do right!

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