Don’t Miss It

Don’t Miss It

The disciples hurry along, trying to clear the way so Jesus can make it to Jairus’ house. I can see one of the disciples out in front saying, “Excuse me, we need this cart moved out of the way, Jesus is coming through.” Another disciple escorts an elderly man out of the way of the pressing crowd. They have seen Him heal Peter’s mother-in-law, a leper, the paralytic man who was let down through the ceiling, and many others. This case was different. This situation was urgent. Jairus’ daughter was near death. They knew Jesus could heal her, but He had to get there in time!

Every doctor eventually shook their head and said, “I’m sorry. Nothing more can be done for you.” She was considered unclean nearly every day of her life. Untouchable and restricted from worship in the Temple and in the synagogue, her life was a terrorizing nightmare. She had spent everything she had to find a cure, but there was none to be had. Then she heard of a man who was in town who had extraordinary abilities. She desperately cut through the crowds she had carefully avoided for so many years in order to get to Jesus. With reckless abandon, she stretches her hand through the press of people. If only she could touch the hem of his garment, it would change her life.

These parallel events in this story portray our goal-driven nature. Both were goal driven and for good reason. However, in their drive to get Jesus to Jairus’ house the disciples would have overlooked the desperate woman. The disciples were so focused on a destination, they were missing the opportunities to make a difference. How many people have you run roughshod over because you were goal-driven? Sometimes we are so focused on goals we miss the needs around us.

If you are so busy, you don’t have time to stop and notice the people around you, then you are too busy. We need to be goal-driven, but it must be toward the right goal. The only person in the story who was not hurried was Jesus. He waits until the woman steps forward to acknowledge the miracle of healing. We are in a hurry because we are constrained by time, but time does not concern God. This is a good reminder to not push toward destinations without considering desperate people around you.

Remember, God’s work is not meeting a deadline, rather it is making a difference where you are in your journey.

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