Esther for President

Esther for President

Everyone is born for a purpose. We all play a role in the grand scheme of things. Let’s look back to remember times when our involvement meant something to someone. Some of us will be involved in great things; while others, feel they never participated in anything noteworthy. An example would be Pharaoh who was born to fulfill God’s plan in a negative sense (Rm. 9:17). And then think of Jesus’ birth (Mt. 2:1); He was born to fulfill God’s plan of redemption. Had it not been for that, “we are of all men most miserable” (1 Co. 15:19).

In the reading today, we find four primary characters: Abram (later Abraham) in Genesis 15, Esther in chapter 4 of the book bearing her name, Jesus in Mathew 14 and Paul in Acts 14. In each case, they were the person of the hour. Think on the wise. Had not Abram said yes, and trusted God, the Abrahamic Covenant would bear a different name. Think of Esther, had she not stood up, the Jews may have been annihilated. Consider our Saviour and had He not gone to the Cross, we would be doomed. Moreover there is Paul. No Paul; no fourteen books of the New Testament.

In the above cases, someone took a stand for God. We may never get to read of our own accounts of goodness this side of Heaven, but neither did these folk. However, we will know the good we have done when we get to Heaven (let me caution that good works do not open the doors of Heaven; only forgiveness through Jesus unlocks them Rm. 3:10, 10:13). God will reward us accordingly; albeit, this is not our motive. We do these things because we are to emulate our Master.

We are not all as noteworthy as the aforementioned and we may feel as a grain of sand in the desert. But we are all significant in the work of God. But you say, what have we done? How about that friendly smile, those words of encouragement, that amen to the preacher, the meal with a shut-in or those prayers for someone or the work of God in general. We could go on and on! Some of these may not appear gallant or significant in God’s plan, but anything properly done for God has significance.

Many folk are taking a stand and we need to take a stand with them. A good place to start is alongside a pastor and the members of a local church. God’s man (and his family) have been sent to stand in a gap. Often it is far from home and friends. We need the faith of Abram, the courage of Esther, the character of Jesus and the zeal of Paul. We were born with a purpose and “who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this” (Es. 4:14)? Onward Christian soldiers!

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