God Challenged

God Challenged

Are you vertically challenged? Maybe you’re mentally challenged? How about God challenged?

If you were raised believing anyone who sat on the throne was literally a god, wouldn’t you find it offensive to hear your slave’s God is ordering you around? When Moses and Aaron confront Pharaoh, “Thus saith the Lord God of Israel,” for all he knows they have developed a new and improved God. No one had heard the name Jehovah until Moses heard it from the bush. So from one perspective, we could give Pharaoh a little room to receive this new development from Goshen. Obviously, the slaves had too much time on their hands if they are contriving this 2.0 version of their God. The name Jehovah was so new, God himself spoke to Moses and colored in the details. In Exodus 6, the Lord explains he is a personal (3), promise keeping (4), perceptive (5), powerful (6), possessive (7), and providing (8) God. This was a new revelation for everyone.

The clincher is what man does with the revelation from God. Pharaoh, surrounded by groveling magicians, never had anyone tell him what he needed to hear until he was already stiffened against God. As we know, this was his undoing.

In John 1, we learn of a new expression of God, the Word. All the mysterious conceptions of God were clearly tangible in the person, Jesus Christ, and he challenged everyone, “Take up your cross and follow me.” Just as Pharaoh had to choose his response, so every person must decide what they will do with God’s revelation. What complicates matters is, just like Pharaoh, we have been raised with the world’s message and our own natural delusion that we are gods. Normally it is not explicitly stated that way, but our preoccupation with our wants and ways is evidence we know the Lord as well as Pharaoh.

Do your actions mirror Pharaoh’s response? Are you challenging God by saying, “Who is the Lord?” You know how things turned out for Pharaoh. Whether people believe it our not, there will be a showdown, a God challenge if you will, where you either fear Him or face the consequences.

Are you God challenged?

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