God’s Sheepdog

God’s Sheepdog

Have you ever walked into a trophy room? If your childhood sports hero or talented artist invited you into their vault of memorabilia, then you would find that behind each medallion and every trophy there was a story. Maybe some of those awards would have photos and newspaper clippings partnered with them revealing the complete story. Job 38-41 is God’s display room for Job to stand in awe of the Almighty. Job goes on a virtual tour of all God’s work and God is rightly proud of his magnificent display of wisdom and power.

Job learns that God set boundaries for the ocean waves to go no further. God has established the depths and set the stars in space. He has been to the doors of the shadow of death and has visited light in its house. God glories in the hidden treasures of precipitation. He is aware of the lion’s habit and the raven’s hunt. He knows the goat’s conception and the donkey’s contempt. The horse is his poem of power, and the hawk is the graceful hunter. It is all done by the wisdom which God alone is privileged to have.

With such a trophy room, is there any reason God should not be our confidence? Should we doubt his ability to keep our feet from slipping?

When David describes the Lord as our shepherd, he is picturing us as dumb sheep that have no inkling of the world’s events. Their only concern is to fill their belly. The Shepherd is our provider, but He is so much more. His guidance leads us in the peaceful and pure path. In the embrace of His wisdom, you know He cares. The same God who lassos Orion and Pleiades directs my next step. The God who can knock on the door of the shadow of death will lead me as a little child through its valley. I will feel no evil. Why? For thou art with me. You are chased by God’s goodness and mercy. Like a sheepdog corralling the herd, His goodness and mercy pursue you and draw you closer to the eternal warmth of His wisdom.

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