Have You Seen Him?

Have You Seen Him?

Has your soul burst into song lately? Have you recently soared to undiscovered heights during your walk with God? Have you so craved His presence, such as Joshua, you refuse to leave the location you met with God?

Exodus 32-34 captures the lowest of lows and the highest of highs. In one portrait, we blush to imagine the lewdness of God’s people. It was so onerous they were shaming themselves before the world (32:35). The darkness of the hour grows worse when 3,000 men refuse to repent from their ways and return unto the Lord. Their refusal to affirm their alliance on the Lord’s side resulted in death at the hands of the sons of Levi. Just when this night of experience couldn’t be worse, things shade darker as God sends them away without His presence. He would fulfill His promise. Oh, yes, they would inherit the Promised Land, but that would be like owning your home void of life, family, and memories. It might as well be a prisoner’s cell without the presence of God. The people mourned the threat of lacking God’s presence, but do they understand? God’s presence had been on the mount. God’s presence had spoken directly with them and they could not bear the ominous display of His majesty.

Thankfully, there was one man who desired the presence of God more than anything. “If thy presence go not with me, carry us not hence…shew me thy glory” (33:15, 18). Jacob may have wrestled with God physically, but Moses wrestled from His soul. After the tears of the night, joy came in the morning. The darker the night, the more the brilliance of God sprang from the mount. What a morning it must have been to stand in the cleft of the rock and see the Lord proclaimed in all His holiness. Moses basked in the beauty of his holiness. What you must crave more than anything else in life is to see God.

To speak face to face with God as a man speaks to his friend, what rapture for your soul! Then to leave that presence so you can communicate the nature of God indelibly absorbed in you. As you do life, your face may shine with His radiance undiluted. It is true what one has written, “Here is the world’s need today: Men who have seen their Lord.”

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