Here I Am, Send Me

Here I Am, Send Me

In the upcoming Tuesdays, we will be going through the Book of Isaiah. Isaiah is one of the more popular Books of the Bible, and for good reason. Isaiah is quoted over 65 times in the New Testament, and his name alone is mentioned over 20 times. Also, the very meaning of his name is: the Lord is Salvation.

Isaiah was a prophet to Judah during the reign of 4 different kings. While Isaiah is a prophet, and has many fulfilled prophecies, we won’t be getting into those quite yet. Today I want to focus on Isaiah 6:5-8. In verse 5, Isaiah is in the presence of the Lord and recognizes how unclean he is. He humbled himself before the Lord and because he recognizes his sin, one of the seraphim’s spiritually cleanses him so the he may serve the Lord. (6,7). Isaiah’s sins are now “white as snow” (Isaiah 1:18).

Now in verse 8, Isaiah is convicted and is now ready and willing to spread God’s truth to all Judah. He’s so eager to tell the lost his reply to God, that when he’s asked “who shall I send?,” Isaiah’s reply, and what all believer’s reply should be, was “Here am I; Send me.”

Is that how we respond when God asks of us? Are we truly believers if we say Here am I, but send anyone but me? Jesus asks of us Christians to “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” I believe that little Anthony Baptist Church can make a paramount change to central PA if we just simply spread the truth of Jesus.

Side Note: Interesting thing for you to dig into…In Isaiah 6:8, God says “and who will go for Us?” When God says US, is He implying the Trinity? What are your thoughts?

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