The word praise is used eight times in these three Psalms this morning (Ps. 111-113). The question-who does this praise belong to? The answer-to Holy God. It is He that hath made us and not we ourselves (Ps. 100:3). Every second of our lives is owed Him. We breath the air He made and drink His water. He made our planet habitable. He designed our bodies as unique organisms that fit perfectly in a world He created. Just the mention of these few things gives us enough to praise God for a lifetime; yet, praise is lacking in God’s people.

We would be wise to develop a system of praise. Certainly nothing mechanical and belaboring; but more spontaneous, sincere and from a heart of gratitude. Oft times, we sit under good preaching and hear something that strikes a chord. We think about praising God audibly, but we defer because we “feel” funny. In our private lives we need to be aware of our circumstances and surroundings and praise God more for all that He has done (Ps. 69:3). Starting at salvation is a good place to begin.

Our church was invited to Bible Baptist of Las Vegas for revival service. It was an evening I will never forget. We were toward the back. An altar call was given and folk were coming forward. As we stood with heads bowed and eyes closed, I was praying for those coming forward. All of a sudden, I was brought out of the spirit by a loud, howling man. I didn’t know what was taking place, but figured the pastor had it under control so I closed my eyes and started to pray again. The voice continued to boom, but his words were now understandable. He was yelling, “Praise the Lord, I got saved, I’m born-again….” I was happy knowing angels were rejoicing with us (Luke 15:10). There was only one problem. I did not realize I had drifted into the aisle. I could hear him running by the loud footsteps and it sounded like he was getting closer. I opened my eyes and saw what appeared to be a linebacker bearing down on me. I had to jump out of the way; otherwise, he would have hit me like a train. He continued this for about three more trips around the church. Like Saul, he was radically saved (Acts 9:3).

Turns out it was Pastor’s brother. He was a big and tough guy that just got arrested by the High Sheriff of Heaven! There was much praising that night. I remember after the service Pastor Pete seemed a little embarrassed. I assured him that that was one of the greatest manifestations of praise and worship I have ever witnessed. I only wished I could borrow him for a few Sundays!

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