Home Is Where…

Home Is Where…

Home is where the heart is. It gives you a home-baked warm feeling. When you think of home, you reflect on the things you had, the memories you shared, and the love you curled up with on the couch. Why would anyone want to forego a comfort such as a home?

Does it surprise you that Christ discourages a potential follower when he says, “The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head” (Matthew 8:20)? There is a beautiful contrast in Matthew 8:20-27. Jesus “hath not where to lay his head,” but you find him resting his head in the ship. In one statement, he discourages the fairweather follower by disclosing what he would not have as His disciple, but he scolds his disciples when they forget what they did have as His disciples. They might not have had the comforts of home, but when they were with Jesus, they had the Companion of hope.

Christ calls to you, believer, yet we tend to notice what we do not have when we follow Christ. You do not have as much as your neighbour because you give to God first. You do not have a sleep-in Sunday because you worship the Lord instead. You do not have the latest gadgets or the best gear, but is not this our problem? When it comes to following the Lord we often focus on what we do not have and forget what we do have when we are with Him! Count your blessings and notice what you do have in Christ. You have a powerful presence Who can calm the storm of waves around you or the storm of worry within you. Home is not where you lay your head. Home is not a place. Home is a Presence. In the beginning, God created man and placed him in the Garden, but what made it home was God’s presence man enjoyed. Since the first day in the garden, we have been focused on what we miss out on when we have God. It’s bizarre to realize we would trade the pillow of creature comforts for the power of Creator companionship!

Why were the disciples so fearful? Jesus always asked the right questions. You will always fear when you are concerned about what you do not have in the world. Fascinate yourself with what you do have when you are with Christ.

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