Hope Through Life’s Battles

Hope Through Life’s Battles

The longer you journey through this earthly pilgrimage, the more you realize that the Christian life is truly a battleground. When we live in prosperity, the tendency is to forget the battle we are in and begin to settle into a comfortable position of ease. It is often when things are going smoothly in our lives that our eyes are often turned away from the confident and expectant hope in God.

David’s life was filled with great hardships. In Psalm 27, words like “enemies”, “foes”, “host”, “war” stand out. In v. 3, David uses phrases that point to the conflict that surrounded him- “Though an host should encamp against me…though war should rise against me…” This chapter presents to us the imagery of a battle. And this battle is taking place in the life of David. He is in a difficult place. However, there is a great contrast between the battle surrounding him and the one thing that gave him inner peace and confidence to go forward. That one thing was “hope”. Though David is encamped about by a great host, he is able to confidently say “my heart shall not fear” (v. 3). Though war rose up against him, he could say “in this will I be confident” (v. 3). Although David was in the “time of trouble” (v. 5), he was able to rest in the sure confidence of God.

Hope is more than a mere wish or desire. Rather, it is a deep-seated confidence in God’s promises. It is guaranteed that every single one of us will face battles in life. Some come from without and others come from within. Of this we can be certain. However, many face these battles without true hope. Yet as Christians, we have access to the ever-flowing spring of hope through our God.

David’s hope was found in the person of God. God was his light, his salvation, and his strength (v. 1). Because of this unchanging truth, David could say “…whom shall I fear?…of whom shall I be afraid?” (v. 1). God’s unchanging person relieves the fears of His children when they learn to find confidence in God. Not only was David’s hope in the person of God, but it was also in the perfect battle record of God. God proved this to David many times. For when David’s enemies came against him “they stumbled and fell” (v. 2). As David’s confidence in God grew, his fears shrank.

As David contemplated the confident hope he had in God, it only led him to a further, Godward commitment. He longed to “dwell in the house of the Lord all the days” of his life and to “behold the beauty of the Lord” (v. 4).

As we face the battle of life, our fears will shrink as we develop and grow in our confident hope in God. And as we gaze upon His person and His victorious performances, may it only lead to a further commitment to Him.

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