How Might We Minister?

How Might We Minister?

Our nation is in the midst of a crisis. As grocery store shelves are stripped bare, and people fight in the aisles over toilet paper, it’s becoming more and more clear that we’re living through a unique period in history. Moments like this either define us, or defeat us. We can shine as lights for Christ in the midst of darkness, or we can cower in fear. We can choose either to be selfish, or selfless. Regardless of what you think about the present coronavirus epidemic, one thing is certain; people are fearful, and when they’re scared they look somewhere for hope. We can learn much from the Scripture regarding how to help others in distress.

The Bible teaches us that Jesus came not to be ministered unto, but to minister. Jesus Christ was the most selfless human being to ever live. We battle with the flesh daily, and self preservation is often the rule of the day. Even, sometimes, at the very costly expense of others. The Scriptures teach us that God is not a respector of persons. Rich and poor, weak and strong, all have equal standing and value in the eyes of God. But indeed the eyes of the Lord are upon the poor and fatherless. He is watching over the afflicted and needy. As Jesus looked upon the multitudes, it is said that he had “compassion on them.” He saw both their spiritual and physical poverty due to the curse of sin. God cares about those going through trouble, trial, and hardship. He has compassion upon those who are the most vulnerable. Those whom the communists and socialists of time past have deemed, “the undesirables” and “dregs of society.”

There are no undesirables with God. He values all life, and so should we. So in this unique time in American history, let us put into practice a few very important principles.

1. Recognize your neighbor has a soul that needs saving.
2. Think outside the box in terms of how you might help people.
3. Be sensitive to the needs of others. Whenever and wherever possible, meet them.
4. Don’t feast richly while others starve. Feed the man who is working and can’t afford to eat.
5. Look around you. You’ll be surprised at what opportunities you may see. Then go manifest God’s glory to a weary world.

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