“I Promise”

“I Promise”

Life is full of broken promises. Broken promises originate from the fallen condition of man. There used to be a day where someone’s word (their verbal commitment) could be assuredly counted on. A solid handshake, backed by a name free of ill repute, was enough to “seal the deal.” I’m in the business of selling cars. Never once has a customer of mine driven away in a new car by simply agreeing to shake my hand and make a verbal commitment to pay for the vehicle. I wish it was that simple! There are countless documents that must be signed, all of which bind the consumer to his or her commitment to pay for the vehicle.

Making a commitment to God is not something to be taken lightly. After Moses declares the Lord’s judgments and commands to the people, they make a vow before Moses to do all that the Lord had said. They proclaim this in unison, all with one voice. Moses signifies their commitment by building an altar, and sprinkling blood upon all the people. But just a few chapters later, after Moses is gone for 40 days on the mount, they rebel against the commands of God. I marvel reading this, that they are so soon removed from, “Yes! We will do all that God says” to “We don’t know where this guy Moses is, so let’s find another god to worship.”

It seems hard to believe this could happen, until I consider my own nature. Until I reflect upon my own proclivity to forget my vows before God. Better it is that I should not vow, than that I should vow and not pay. God is always faithful. He never breaks His promises to us. Unlike our word, which falters, God’s Word never does. This Word provides strength so that we may fortify our typically frail commitments. His love binds us to keep His commandments. It is the driving force behind why we’re compelled to keep His Word, rather than to just have knowledge of it. The failure of the children of Israel to keep God’s Word, in every instance, was certainly a failure to love God first above all. Let us learn from their example, fortify our love for Him and His promises in the Scriptures, and keep His word.

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