Is It Worth It?

Is It Worth It?

Psalm 73 happens to be one of my favorite sections of Scripture in the entire Bible. It is also one of the most relatable Psalms for every believer on their pilgrimage. We’ll begin by addressing the primary theme of the passage, then draw our attention to the latter portion of the chapter to wrap it all up.

Psalm 73 is a Psalm of Asaph. As a faithful servant of the most high God, Asaph explains in personal detail the depth of his struggle to remain so. In our present world (particularly in western society) the excess of wealth and, “prosperity of the wicked” is self-evident to all men, especially believers. We see, probably more than most, exactly how prosperous and wealthy the wicked rich in this world can be. We observe their pride, and we watch as the wealth they’ve amassed protects them from the trouble of other men. Some of these very same individuals have set their mouth against the heavens, even the King of Kings, himself. It’s easy to get discouraged like Asaph. It’s easy even to break the very commands of God, and covet what the wicked posses.

If we’re not careful, observant and ultimately, repentant, staying in this mentality will lead us farther away from God than it lead Asaph. His reasoning lead him to a place of regret in his surrender to God. Why was he serving God and suffering, when he could clearly have a better life just like the wicked? “The spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy.” (Jas 4:5) It’s not until He meets with God in God’s place, and has a fresh understanding of God’s Word, that he understands the utter foolishness of his reasoning.

The ungodly are set in slippery places. Friendship with the world is always enmity with God. Their desolation and destruction is certain, God has not forgotten, neither is He mocked. Whereas wrath falls upon the ungodly, eternal bliss falls upon the justified. How could we be so foolish, and think for a minute that they have it better than we do? The Lord is always with us. He will guide us with His counsel and then receive us to glory. God ever resists the proud who trust in their riches. Those far from Him will perish. But it is good for us to draw nigh to God. Why? Because He will draw nigh to us!

So is it worth it? Worth it to be afflicted, to mourn, and to weep? Worth it to cleanse our heart, and wash our spiritual hands? Yes! Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up. God gives grace to the humble.

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