Stand in Awe of God

The fear of the Lord. I am consistently amazed how Scripture builds upon itself. After all God’s creative acts, you’d think a man would find it easy to be in such awe of God that he’d obey without any hesitation. All it took was a serpent armed with some questions. All we needed was a piece of fruit, something out of reach according to God’s instruction. The man was quick to trade all he knew for all he didn’t know—ignorance for wisdom, fear for security, choice for comfort. The fear of the Lord becomes more instructive, doesn’t it?
For centuries man has traded the known for the unknown.
The unknown of his own way at the expense of promised blessing.
The unknown of his choices at the expense of security in righteousness.
The unknown of uncertain fear at the expenses of designed comfort.
God has his own questions for man, “How long will ye love vanity?” (Psalm 4:2). That is the question man must resolve to answer! The psalm is coated in wisdom. The Lord reserves blessing to those who do not choose the vanity of fruit over the value of fear. Stand in awe of God, and what’s the result? Sin not! This has been the way for man since God created time and Adam.
Stand in awe of God before you choose that fruit of the unknown. Stand in awe of God and you will prevent enormous failure. The greatest contrast in Scripture is stated in Psalm 4. When you fear the Lord genuinely, do you know the result?
“I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep” (Psalm 4:8)
Proper awe produces security. True fear translates into peace. The fear of the Lord must be the key for every person to find the Edenic peace and provision they truly are seeking.

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