The Way of Usefulness

The Way of Usefulness

God’s ways are not our ways. In these early chapters of Genesis, two men are given similar compliments regarding their relationship with God. It is said they both walked with God. It is understood they both found grace as well, yet the way God works with one person is seldom the same as the next person. They say an adult makes more than ten thousand decisions a day! Imagine the possibilities if you were to alter only one hundred of those decisions. Now imagine, God, although not bound by any finite limitations, makes that many decisions and more for your life every day. However, it grows exponentially because your actions impact the lives of others which may inhibit or liberate their decision process. It is impossible for us to grasp the mechanics involved with God holding the world together!

Therefore, you have Enoch who walked with God and Noah who also walked with God. The grace they found from the God of heaven was as unique as their fingerprints.

The grace of God took Enoch; the grace of God left Noah.

The grace of God translated Enoch; the grace of God enabled Noah.

Enoch escaped by God’s grace; Noah endured by God’s grace.

It wasn’t that one was necessarily better than the other. They were both accepted by God. It was only that they were more useful to God in different ways. While the family reunions always had the hushed mystery when Uncle Enoch came up in conversation, Noah’s message of warning by word and deed was accomplishing the same thing. They both, in their unique way, directed the world’s attention to the God, sovereign and supreme over all men.

Those who compare themselves among themselves are not wise. Your responsibility is to walk with God close enough to clearly hear His call on your life. It is His wisdom which chooses how you would best serve Him. God’s grace makes you useful.

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