Justice For All

Justice For All

After many years as a peace officer, I became very disillusioned with the justice system. I was tired of watching criminals get away with literal murder. I was shocked to see drug dealers back on the street a day after their arrest and murderers walking the street while out on bail. They would yell out profanities and taunt as I patrolled them. I thought that some Texas justice might solve the problem, but then I would be no better than them.

Our justice system, with its many faults, is still the best in the world. In its current state, it is not what our founding fathers intended. After all, it was founded upon the principles of the Ten Commandments (Ex. 20:1-17). I was raised to respect the law and be a decent citizen. These mockers of justice broke my heart, as they whittled away at the sanctity of our society. I felt as if I were fighting a losing battle. As if I was draining Lake Erie with a thimble.

Then came the day I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and started reading the Bible. I soon discovered a man with similar feelings of frustration, His name was King David. Through reading the Bible, my hope was restored. I learned that God was the Supreme Justice and nobody can escape His justice. They could mock and taunt all they want. “Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?” (Ps 2:1). 

Take a look at the readings today (Ps. 9, 10, and 11) where David is expressing his feelings of injustice. However, he correctly funnels it toward the only One who can rightly justify or judge. It is important to realize that God will cure all of the world’s injustices in His time. I do not understand God’s time, but we have no right to question the Creator (Is. 40:28).

Sooner or later we all realize that justice on earth is not always fair. But we must constantly remember, and rely on Him – the Supreme, Righteous Judge. We are all guilty before God (Rom. 3:10) and our final verdict will be one of two according to Rom. 6:23, either death or life (guilty/not guilty). His justice will be fair. Because of Christ’s sacrificial death, as a believer, I will get what I do not deserve-eternal life with God. The scoffers (those who have not accepted Christ’s forgiveness) will get what they deserve – eternal life in a Devil’s Hell.

With this said, we cannot plead the scoffer’s case to God. We each have to come to Him on our own. But we should all the more present the evidence (the Gospel) to them in hopes of changing their eternal address. So fret not with worldly injustices. Hear ye, hear ye, this court is now in session with the Honorable Judge Jesus presiding. There will be justice for all!

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