King of the Hill

King of the Hill

“LORD, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? who shall dwell in thy holy hill” (Ps. 15:1)? This verse gives me a strong sense of the omnipotence of God; after all, He spoke the world into existence (Gen. 1:1). I am reminded of life as a young boy. Back then small things were big stuff to us. We were enamored by the simplest of things. We had no electronic games, cell phones or social media (I pray our children/grandchildren could know of a simpler life).

We made snow caves, forts in the woodlot, made mud pies, skipped to school (not skip school) and loved using our imaginations. One playtime favorite was king of the hill. Whenever we found a large construction-site dirt pile, we would make the top of it the most treasured place in our world. Who was to abide on top of this hill?

Notice the use of the word, “abide” as in the aforementioned Bible verse. To abide was to stay temporarily. Not one of us could hold the title of “king of the hill” long. Everyone would climb to the top, pushing and shoving their way past each other. When, and if, you made it to the top, you would begin tossing the intruders off as they tried to dethrone the current king. Bodies were constantly rolling down the “mountain.” We boys (and a few girls) would then go home full of dirt.

I remember my mother washing the dirt out of my hair; all the while giving me the dickens. I was “the” king a few times, but each time I went home, it was not long until I realized that Mom was my king and she sat on the throne. But her reign only lasted until we found the next dirt pile.

Nowadays, I recognize the King of the Bible as the One who reigns supreme. The One who sits on the Heavenly Throne (Is. 6:1). The Bible asks, in our Scripture reading today, two important questions: Who shall abide and who shall dwell? Abiding pertains to a temporary nature as our life here on earth and dwelling would be speaking of our eternal resting spot, after this life.

Here is the picture, we all get soiled by the unrighteous things of the World. Every one of us is contaminated by worldly dirt (Ecc.7:20, Rm. 3:10). So the first steps are to ask God’s forgiveness, be cleansed from sin and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. He will lovingly cleanse us and forgive us (1 John 1:9), and will not scold us as our earthly parents so rightly did. Moreover, we must follow the admonitions found in the remainder of Psalm 15. In so doing, we can be assured of His protection here on earth and an everlasting dwelling place, with Jesus, when we slip the bonds of our earthly tabernacle.

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