Members' Meeting Information

It is an exciting moment when someone determines the Lord has been moving them toward full-time service. As I announced two weeks ago, Bro. Darryl Lovell has felt the Lord’s direction. As I have worked with Darryl and Tawnya, I have found them to be extraordinarily faithful and examples of what it means to be fellow-laborers in the ministry. We have enjoyed working together for over three years, and have established a healthy working relationship because of the various responsibilities connected with his role as a deacon and youth leader. There have been some great questions that I would like to clarify at this time.

  1. We are voting on Darryl serving as a full-time assistant in this ministry. He would be paid the previously established assistant salary and package.
  2. Every person has different strengths, so his responsibilities have been crafted around those strengths and what helps the ministry.
    • Youth
      This should be the most obvious responsibility which would carry over into the position. The demands of leading the youth group and doing it at the best level possible require more time and attention than a part-time volunteer can fully provide. Included in this responsibility, Darryl and I will work on assessing the entire educational flow from nursery to graduation in order to evaluate we are reaching desired objectives by the time a young person graduates from the youth ministry.
    • Outreach
      As Darryl shared two weeks ago, his first foray into ministry was outreach. He would be out gathering kids for Bible clubs at church. While in previous ministries, he has led other outreach events that were purely gospel-preaching opportunities so more people would have a chance to hear the gospel and respond to it. He is passionate about this and it will become infectious within our church family.
    • Facilities
      One area Darryl can really assist me in the ministry is regarding the facilities and finances. With his experience as an entrepreneur and farmer, he has a breadth of knowledge to interact with the Trustees regarding building projects and maintenance and the finances of the ministry. This is an area where I am not as proficient and while I work at it, I still feel the drain of trying to get ahead of things with which I am not as familiar. He will be a great assistant in this area.
  3. With this being a full-time position, Darryl will adjust the responsibilities for the farm. I’ll let him share those details more explicitly with you, but the summary is he will downsize the workload to about one-third. This will mainly cover the cost of having land in this area.

Darryl has expressed a desire to grow and learn as well. This is my own personal passion as well and that is why our church has a line item for continuing education. In order for both of us to be all we can be for the Lord, it is wise to remain mentally sharp and spiritually in tune.

If someone is willing and hungry to learn and grow, then they are on the right track. The quality which makes someone stand out is the heart for service. Darryl and Tawnya would literally do anything they can to help anyone. They are true servants.

Any candidate I and the deacons present to the church family is going to be a candidate who will serve the Lord with all their heart and help enable this ministry to go forward for Christ. Our vote today is not based on a personality competition or talent show. Our vote today is not purely financial or business motivated or even because this is what Pastor Dan wants. Our vote today is to discern the Lord’s will for this ministry to declare His glory here in central PA and around the world. Our vote today is, through prayerful consideration, do you the people of Anthony Baptist Church concur or not that the hiring of Darryl Lovell is the next movement in this ministry’s story of accomplishing God’s mission here and abroad.

Mark Passmore

Upon graduating from Bible college in 2011, Mark began serving as the Assistant Pastor of the Abundant Life Baptist Church in Naugatuck, CT. He and Melissa were married later the same year. Mark was then nominated and accepted as the Senior Pastor of the church in March of 2012. He served for seven years as the pastor of that loving body of believers. He resigned from the church in 2019, in good standing, with plans to relocate back to Pennsylvania where he is originally from. Being an only child, he felt the Lord drawing him back home for a time; both to assist with local family needs and reconfigure for future ministry. Melissa and Mark are happy to be serving at Anthony, and look forward to being a blessing to the body, and follow the Lord’s future leading regarding ministry, whatever that may be.

Michael Cutler

Michael grew up near Kansas City, MO, and then attended Northland Baptist Bible College in Wisconsin. Following college, he served on staff at the Wilds Christian Camp in NC before moving to PA to pursue further ministry opportunities. While serving at Mountain View Bible Church in Hummelstown as a pastoral intern he met Melanie, his wife, on a missions trip. They served briefly as an assistant pastor at Hamburg Bible Church before the Lord called them to pastor Hillside Bible Church. Through the Lord’s leading, they left Hillside not knowing what the next step was. They were commuting back to Hummelstown each week for church. It was during this time that they discovered Anthony and found an immediate connection with the ministry and the people. While they don’t know what the future holds, they are so excited to be serving alongside each of you here at Anthony. They are thankful for your fellowship and blessed by the opportunity to serve with you.