Missing Something?

Missing Something?

“As the Lord commanded Moses.”

This phrase appears a lot. Sometimes the redundancy is almost like the refrain in a chorus. Actually, this phrase appears 57 times in the Bible. It’s most concentrated uses are in Exodus 39-40 and through the book of Numbers. They built the Tabernacle as the Lord commanded Moses. They sacrificed as the Lord commanded Moses. Everything they did in order to approach God had to be done as the Lord commanded Moses. Moses showed them the way, and as long as they did it as the Lord commanded Moses, they would be blessed.

They saw the connection between obedience and blessing through the instructions from God through Moses. If they wanted to eat, they needed to collect manna on the right day. If they wanted God’s favor then they needed to be right with Him through sacrifice. They needed to live as the Lord commanded them. A great illustration of their daily obedience is seen in their walk with God through the wilderness. As long as the aura of God’s presence remained on the Tabernacle, they abode in their tents. As soon as the cloud was removed from the Tabernacle, they knew it was time to move. It didn’t matter if it was night or day, whether they were healthy or sick, or if they felt like it or not; they were to respond as the Lord commanded.

If an Israelite, in the desert, had taken it into his head to make some movement independent of Jehovah; if he took it upon him to move when the crowd was at rest, or to halt while the crowd was moving, we can easily see what the result would have been. And so it will ever be with us. If we move when we ought to rest, or rest when we ought to move, we shall not have the divine presence with us. – C.H.M.

Do you live your life as the Lord commanded? Do you devote your life to the work of God as the Lord commanded? Do you parent as the Lord commanded?Do you love your spouse as the Lord commanded? Do you invest your time, talents, and treasures as the Lord commanded?

If you don’t walk with God on a daily basis you might wander ahead or be left behind. Either way, you are living without His presence.

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