Moses’ Last Stand

Moses’ Last Stand

What defines a leader?

Many words could fill a page and most of them would wonderfully describe great leadership. Moses is the most celebrated leader of all Israel’s history. It’s worthwhile to study his example of leadership, but even a summary of the last few chapters in Numbers would provide substantial material.

In Numbers 27, you see a leader full of compassion. He intercedes for the needy. He represents the bereaved sisters and advocates for them before God and the people. When God tells Moses to prepare to die, Moses’ foremost concern is for the people to finish strong. He pleads for a leader who would direct Israel to possess the Promised Land.

In Numbers 28, you see a consecrated man to the things of God. Complete devotion to the One who makes all things possible was the only way to live. Everything you have belongs to God, so honor Him with yourself and substance.

Finally, in Numbers 31, you see a courageous leader. One who stands for righteousness. One who pursues purity The voice of this leader echoes through the halls of time, “Who is on the Lord’s side” (Exodus 32:26)? You never had to wonder where Moses stood. He stood with God.

Are you full of compassion? Do you represent the physical and spiritual needy?
Are you consecrated to serve only God? Do you delight in His presence? Do you crave more of God?
Are you courageous? Do you make difficult choices in life? Will you fight for righteousness and justice?

You are a leader whether you think you signed up for the job or not. The option is what quality of leader you will be.

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