One Thing They Had Right

One Thing They Had Right

Ever had a friend or two that just seem to pull you down in life? When it seems as if things couldn’t get any worse, along comes this individual to kick you when you’re down. Job’s story is as much of a lesson in friendship, as it is in trusting God.

In chapter’s 32-34 we find the extensive discourse from Job’s friend, Elihu. It isn’t hard to mine out from the text exactly what kind of message his friends are propagating. It’s a mixture of what we know today as the prosperity Gospel, and the self-righteous proclivity to judgment of the Pharisees. It’s the standard human response to all extensive suffering, and seemingly un-deserved tragedy: God must be allowing Job’s suffering because good always come to the righteous, and evil always befalls the wicked.

The one thing Elihu had right is that God’s eyes are always upon the ways of man. God alone sees all of our goings. There is no man that can search out his judgments, and His ways are past our finding out. His nature and character are unchangeable. He is good. That gave Job comfort through His immense trials, that he might not utter a cross word against his Maker. God had a plan for Job, and He has a plan for you. For, “though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.”


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