We’ve all had it done to us probably multiple times in our lives; it’s called the Patellar Reflex test.  Have you heard that term before?  It’s the official name of the test done when the doctor will tap on the patellar tendon, which located just below the kneecap.  And what happens (hopefully!) when that tendon is hit?  Your leg will unconsciously flex in a kicking motion.  You can’t stop it- it just happens naturally.  Reflex.  We experience reflexes when our hand pulls back from a hot stove or when blinking when an insect flies up against our eyes.  It’s our body’s natural response.

In our reading today we come across what should be a spiritual “reflex” in our lives.  Psalm 109:4 reads, “For my love they are my adversaries: but I give myself unto prayer.”   In the preceding verses we read that David was facing animosity from people that he believed he had treated well.  As the chapter progresses, he prays for God’s judgement against these individuals.  But our focus is on verse 4 when David made the statement, “but I give myself unto prayer.”

In other words, David was saying that his initial reaction, his “reflex”, was to handle this situation in a spirit of prayer.  It was his go-to, something he did without needing a reminder on a posted note on the refrigerator or alarm on his phone.  Prayer was his automatic response to the problems in his life.

How about us?   How likely is prayer to be our first response to problems in our lives?  Not fear or anxiety.  Not a phone call or text to a family member or friend.  Not a shopping spree or binge-watching Netflix.  No, our walk with the Lord should be so real and genuine that we go to Him in prayer subconsciously,  just like our leg swings up when the patellar tendon is tapped.  May prayer be one of our spiritual reflexes!

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