Mark 5:1-20

Mark 5:1-20

The boat plows into the sand of the beach near the Gadarenes. As the Lord and his disciples disembark, they are immediately plunged into a showdown between the powers of light and darkness. A maniac from the region meets the party on the shoreline. He is obviously deranged. He has a crazy look in his eye. He is completely wild in his appearance. Mangy hair, rotten teeth, his body is full of scars which all tell a story of a tormented life.

Do you not recognize the maniac? Is it not true, dearly beloved, you and I are looking into the mirror of our own storm of the soul? You are plagued by that dirty feeling from time to time as you indulge in the cesspool of your own tendencies. Though you might restrain yourself physically, the imaginations of your mind continue in unbridled fashion as you pursue the vanity through your secret world. Yet, you do not realize, the very thing you pursue, punishes you. The sin is your scourge, and the scars it has left upon your soul are deep and horrifying.

What are you to do? How can you be set free from this prison? Even at the feet of Jesus, the demons which afflicted this poor creature, writhed and strained, clutching to this soul. Yet, the power of Christ was triumphant. In order to experience victory, the maniac had to act quickly and definitely. Here are the steps of his repentance.


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