Storm on the Horizon

Storm on the Horizon
There’s a storm raging, but you won’t see it forecasted on the weather app or weather channel. It is a storm of epic proportions churning through the lives of people around you every day. While there are external storms which beat against our lives because of tragedy and trials, the internal storms are the most devastating.
In Proverbs 19, the wisdom offered tells us about these internal storms. We are told foolishness perverts the way of man. How many times have you seen someone make the wrong life choices repeatedly? Friends have warned them but to no avail. Parents pleaded with them, but “nothing doing.” Their course was set and they were going to live life their way. Eventually, you find such a life smashed in pieces on the rocks of their own self-will.
Proverbs 19:3 tells us, “his heart fretteth against the Lord.” The word “fret” projects a powerful imageā€”the froth of a raging sea. King Asa refused to seek the Lord’s help in one of his external storms. The enemy threatened his national security, but his foolishness drove him to seek alliances with pagan nations instead of resting in the Lord. The external storm spun off an internal storm in his heart for “he was in a rage” and oppressed the people (2 Chronicles 16:10). King Uzziah arrogantly enters the Temple which was forbidden. The foolishness of his heart perverted his ways, and, when he was challenged, “he was wroth with the priests.” (2 Chronicles 26:19). He was immediately and permanently struck with a painful skin disease. Jonah heard God’s plan to show mercy to the Assyrians. Instead of traveling to Nineveh, Jonah runs in the opposite direction. The foolishness of his ways put him on a ship where “the Lord sent out a great wind into the sea, and there was a mighty tempest in the sea so that the ship was like to be broken” (Jonah 1:4). Finally, the sailors dump Jonah into the storm and the “sea ceased from her raging” (Jonah 1:15).
This word repeatedly appears in the context of willful resistance to the wisdom of fearing the Lord. The disciples themselves were trying to get across the sea but the wind was contrary. Jesus, walking on the water, would have passed them. Once they invited Jesus into the boat with them, they arrived at the destination.
You can’t control the external storms in your life, but you can quiet the internal storms of the heart which rage because of foolishness. If you are not at peace in your heart, then consider how the storm began. Invite Christ back into the ship of your life and watch him quiet the storms.

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