Straight “A” Student

Straight “A” Student

In 1783, when Charles Simeon was appointed to pastor a church in Cambridge, England, he was met with much opposition. In those days, the pews were private with locks on them. The congregation so much did not want Simeon to pastor, that they locked the pews so people had to stand in the aisles to hear the preaching. Simeon wrote, “In this state of things I saw no remedy but faith and patience…. It was painful indeed to see the church, with the exception of the aisles, almost forsaken; but I thought that if God would only give a double blessing to the congregation that did attend, there would on the whole be as much good done as if the congregation were doubled and the blessing limited to only half the amount. This comforted me many, many times, when without such a reflection, I should have sunk under my burden.” Simeon trusted that God would bless in spite of what appeared to be an unforgiving battle.

God does not expect man to be perfect nor should we expect people to be perfect. He knows we’re humans with a sin nature and God wants us to depend on Him when things don’t go perfectly or people disappoint us. Psalm 11 was written by David during a time when Saul, a person David looked up to and trusted, was trying to harm him. David’s advisors told David to flee, but he stated, “In the Lord, put I my trust.” There are going to be times when giving up looks like the safest option. Have faith in God and ask Him to build your trust in Him.

When you and I as believers are faced with trials and testing, we need to strive to pass that test with flying colors! How can we do that? We need to realize that God sees and knows everything happening in our lives (vs 4),  testing comes from God to those who are doing right (vs 5), and  God will punish the wicked (vs 6).

Psalm 11:7 says when we do right, we look like the Lord. It’s said imitation is the fondest form of flattery. Oh how God loves to be imitated. What better way to ace a test, than to imitate the One administering the test? Trust God today. He has the answers to all your questions.

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