The Essence of Friendship

The Essence of Friendship

Listen carefully and you can hear the death rattle of true friendship. It is almost obsolete today. Social media’s increased influence upon our relationships strangles the essence of friendship. Even though one may be celebrated or their post is viral, they can feel alone in the next moment.

David and Jonathan are a refreshing reminder of what friendship should be. What was the essence of their friendship? As with many friendships, theirs was formed by a common interest. This is key in a world swirling with hobbies, fads, and other assorted interests. In many ways, their world was simpler, yet the common interest between them is not what you might think. They were not friends because of a common enemy—the Philistines. They were not friends because of a common location—the palace. They were not friends because of a common mauchoism—the passion. Their common interest was not weapons or the city life or sheep. Study the words they use. Their common interest was in the Lord. Both speak affectionately and reverently of the Lord. Their bond was their allegiance to the God of Israel first. This common interest intersected their lives from obscurity to devotion.

The bond between friends is only as strong as the common interest. A sports team may last a long time, but what happens when other responsibilities compete for your attention? Other interests may fade away and become outmoded. But the work and ways and wonder and worship of God never wear. The facets of His intrigue are brilliant. This is the compound which knits souls of friends together. Its rarity is akin to the pigeon blood red ruby and its value exceeds it. A friendship like this is God-like in that the language of this relationship is the sacrifice without reservation.

Do you have a friendship like David and Jonathan? Count yourself blessed. If not, ask God to help you be the friend you need to be and he will supply the companion. Those who delight in the Lord will not be desolate.

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