The Need for Laborers

The Need for Laborers

If you’ve ever been a part of a mission’s conference, no doubt one of the verses that was likely preached on, or at least mentioned, is Luke 10:2, which reads, “Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest.”  In this one verse we come across several key points that it would be good to be reminded of today.

First of all we see Jesus pointing out the great harvest that exists.  Whether 2,000 years ago or today, the vast, vast majority of souls on earth are in need of salvation.  Truly the need for evangelism is great. Then we read the Lord saying the laborers are few.  Certainly in His time on earth that was especially true as the New Testament church had not been established yet, but even today that statement is very true.  Many, many towns and cities throughout the world, including right here in the good ole’ USA, do not have a gospel-preaching church.

And then we read Jesus saying that we should pray that the Lord would send out “laborers into his harvest.”  While I don’t believe this passage is exclusively talking about full-time pastors and missionaries, we most-often equate this phrase with a call to full-time ministry.  So the question today is this, how often do we ask the Lord to call people into ministry? We are reminded from this verse that the Lord is the one who does the calling.  You’ve probably heard an old-time preacher say something like, “we don’t want a momma-called, poppa-called preacher, we need a God-called preacher!”  And that is very true.  Just because a young person senses that his/her parent’s would love for them to be in the ministry should not result on that person feeling any kind of pressure to go into the ministry.  That said, how often do we as parents or grand-parents pray that God would call one of our children or grandchildren into some type of ministry?  I personally have prayed for many years that God would call one of my own three children.  Whether or not He chooses to answer that, or whether or not that child responds, is out of my control.  But how about you?  Truly the need is great and becoming greater as time goes on.  Are you praying for God to send out laborers into his harvest?


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