The Preparation and Presentation of Worship

How much resemblance is there between worship today and worship in 1 Chronicles 15-16? David orchestrated such a festive and celebratory event with the Levites and musicians. There was clearly a plan in place. He instructed them to sanctify themselves. Their worship was conditioned with purity. Every six paces David offered a sacrifice to God. Before they even get to the act of praise, there has been more work done in preparation than in presentation.

Worship should never be a performance. I say it should be a presentation. Michal accused David of performing, but he clarified, “It was before the Lord” (2 Samuel 6:21). His worship was a gift, a presentation to God. I have seen church worship leaders with a beer in their hand Saturday evening. I have known of pastors fooling around during the week instead of preparing. However, many a worshipper in the church who leaves thinking, “I didn’t get much from the service today,” is guilty of the same fault. Lack of preparation equals a deficiency in worship. It is rare you get more out of worship than you put into it. How much preparation of your heart do you exercise before you worship? How much do you crave purity before you praise the King of Kings? Do you come with a heart full of grief and a hand empty of gift?

I would guess worship is 80% preparation before you even enter the house of worship. The exuberance you see as David leads Israel in worship is al natural. The closer your heart to God and the cleaner your heart is with God, your worship is exponentially more meaningful. How much are you willing to prepare for worship?


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