Trash Or Treasure

Trash Or Treasure

My wife has an eye for treasure. For two years we lived in an area where people left things on the street for garbage which were nicer than what you might find at the second-hand store! She could spot was was a treasure in the midst of everything else on the street which was trash. What at a passing glance would have been missed, she found saw value and had me bring home.

Job feels like trash at this point. He says, “My flesh is clothed with worms and clods of dust; My skin is broken, and become loathsome” (Job 7:5). His friends are the only ones paying any attention to him, and right now he wishes they would take their “encouragement” elsewhere. Job does ask some very interesting questions, and, in the end, you will see the transformation from trash to treasure.

He pleads his insignificance: “Am I a sea, or a whale, That thou settest a watch over me” (Job 7:12)? This is a very insightful question. How do we compare? We are more reckless than the sea and less responsive than the whale. As unpredictable as the sea might be, it can be tamed by the Master’s bidding. The command, “Peace, be still,” silences the fury and stops the raging power of the sea (Mark 4:39)! The whale comes when beckoned. The Lord can prepare a great fish to swallow his messenger and three days later vomit him upon dry land (Jonah 1). Such a behemoth is as docile as a child’s pet in the Creator’s hand.

The will and whim of man is the wild frontier. The heart of man requires the firm hand of the Lord to cultivate it’s potential, to untangle the vines of defiance. In pure frustration, Job asks, “What is man, that thou shouldest magnify him? And that thou shouldest set thine heart upon him” (Job 7:17)? In effect, Job is asking, “Why won’t you leave me alone?” The answer is God sees a treasure, not trash. If the value is measured by capacity, the sea is more valuable than a man. If the value is measured by capability, the whale is more valuable than you or me.

However, God measures value by companionship. He desires a relationship with the crown of His creation which for a little while has been made a little lower than the angels. He has set his heart upon man with such devotion, He moved heaven and earth to pursue him. He visits him with the daily and divine measure of mercy that He might preserve him forever (Job 7:18; Lamentations 3:22-23). The only thing standing between God’s desire is your determination. God has pardoned your transgressions and taken away your iniquities (Job 7:21)! Jesus faced the rejection Job felt here. Jesus was crushed by the weight of your sin so you may find the pleasure of His companionship for all eternity.

God sees you as a treasure.

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