Warrior of Peace

Warrior of Peace

Do we truly understand peace? If you were to search throughout Scripture for models of peace, who would you select other than the Prince of Peace Himself? It probably would not occur to you to consider the man to whom God extended a covenant of peace. Partly because his story is obscure, but it also seems ill-fitting to believe a man such as Phineas should be linked with peace.

In Numbers 25, the children of Israel are yet again in the throws of rebellion. This time they have flung themselves into the gutter of immorality and idolatry. It appears they have bowed themselves to the worship of lust. Moses is speaking to the leaders, warning them of the need to act aggressively against the infidels, when the most belligerent display of rebellion occurs. The son of one of the family princes, Zimri, parades his whoredom before the face of Moses, the people, and God. It shocks the people incredulously. No one moves.

Could it be they doubted the seriousness of sin?
Could it be they were unsure how to respond to an elite family?
Could it be they were simply unprepared to address the sin in others because they had not consecrated themselves to holiness?

Phineas rose up, took a javelin, and fulfilled God’s instruction by killing the perpetrators within their tent of wickedness. The rhetoric of the leaders did not halt the plague. The regret of the people mourning at the Tabernacle did not stem the tide of God’s wrath. One man rose to action and by his act of righteousness brought peace to the nation. Only a handful of people in Scripture were personally blessed with a covenant from God. This vigilant and valiant act launches Phineas into the prestigious company of the uniquely blessed.

Peace is not biting your tongue indefinitely. Peace is not tip-toeing around the elephant in the room. Peace is not sweeping everything under the rug.

To speak about sin yet do nothing does not embody peace.
To sorrow about sin yet do nothing does not embody peace.
To spear the evil to the floor at the command of God, this is the messenger of peace.

Peace sometimes is a mighty warrior as much as a feathery angel’s wing. Peace is not for the faint of heart or the passive. In the name of peace, the Prince of Peace marched against the powers of darkness liberating mankind from the plague of God’s wrath. In the name of peace, Jesus Christ victoriously wielded the Sword of the Spirit and pierced the darkness. One day the righteous will witness evil’s final twitch before it is eternally expired. Give thanks, today, for God’s peace is not passivity but activity. His peace passes all understanding.

Will you be a warrior of peace against spiritual darkness in your life, in your home, and in your community? Rise up!

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