Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands

The fool has said in his heart there is no God (Ps. 14:1). There are many people in this world who readily say that there is no God. The very word atheist has often caused me to wonder. I know that “theist” means a believer in God and “atheist” means a non-believer basically speaking. Those, who stand behind the moniker of atheist, do not believe in the God of Heaven and they simply ignore His existence. Can I deny the water in the glass I am drinking from? I can ignore the obvious, but not deny it. I do not believe that there are any true atheists in our world. Instead, they are God-haters for some reason known only to them.

This usually manifests itself in their hatred for believers (John 15:18). If you (as theists—believers in a Holy God) ever meet up with a supposed “true” atheist you will see that they have nothing but raw disdain for the likes of the child of God. But remember, the root of their hatred of a God that loves them is foolishness. God calls them fools.

Years ago, while living in Las Vegas, NV, I was walking through the parking lot of Walmart. I still remember as if it were today. I will live with it until the day I die. It was a time when the Holy Spirit was prompting me, and I disobeyed. I quenched the Holy Spirit (1 Th. 5:19).

There was a large, well-built younger man, with children (sad to think they will grow up under his tutelage), walking out of the store. He presented as an angry man, based on his facial expressions. I was sure I could have lit a self-strike match on his chest—he looked that tough. But what bothered me was the slogan on his t-shirt “wash your hands after touching Christians.”

I literally stopped and stood there, my mouth agape, in disbelief. As the Holy Spirit prodded me to ask him about his shirt, my flesh started to reason (make excuses). Rather than rely on the power of God (Mk. 13:11), I caved to thinking that this guy would probably wrap me up and stuff me back in my car. After all, who needs that?

This man, undoubtedly, had a dislike for God and His own. The man was a fool according to Scripture. I too played the fool in not following the Spirit’s direction. Yet, my deepest prayer is that someone has spoken to him since I did not. I pray that he has turned from his foolish ways and accepted the Savior.

Even fools deserve a chance at saving grace (1 Co. 1:18). After all, we all played the fool before we came to Christ; whether in thought or deed. Fools need God!

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