We Don’t Deserve His Glory

We Don’t Deserve His Glory

In Isaiah 37, King Hezekiah does something that, I’m sure, we all have done. Hezekiah turns to God when times get tough. Israel is about to fall to King Sennacherib of Assyria, and Hezekiah humbles himself and knows there is only one who can save his nation. He turns to God, and seeks out Isaiah the Prophet.

Isaiah 37 represents what some of us do today. There are those that only turn to God in uncertain times. Times when a loved one is lost; or your job moves across seas; or your car, dryer, or plumbing breaks. While God does want us to turn to Him in hard times, we are also to stay with Him in fruitful times. In all we do, we should seek God’s guidance and glorify Him. He is our Heavenly Father, and we should go to Him like a father.

Like your earthly father, when times are going in our favor, you don’t ignore or forget about him. You still visit or plan to go to events with him. You still pick up the phone to call or text him. We should do likewise with our Heavenly Father. God is still just as accessible as our earthly fathers are, and I promise God doesn’t forget about you.

We have to be careful not to be selfish in good times, as Hezekiah was in Isaiah 39:8. It seems Hezekiah only cared about his own Kingdom while he was still alive. When God has blessed us, do we forget about where we once were. Almost everyone has struggled financially at some point. When God gifts you with some wants of this world, how quickly do we become selfish, and not give glory to Him. Do we tell ourselves that it wasn’t God that allowed me to prosper, it was all me, me, me? God observes all the glory whether feast or famine. God will get you through any circumstance. He provides for the birds, so he will surely provide for you who were made in His image.

We must not forget him and what he’s done for us. He has given us opportunity after opportunity even though we don’t deserve it. If you think you already turn to God for everything, look again because we all fall short.

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