What Are You Asking For?

What Are You Asking For?

What does your prayer life consist of? If we could examine 20 or 30 minutes of your personal prayer time, what would we find? Would it be filled with thanksgiving or petitioning the Lord on behalf of your family and friends? Most likely, some time would involve making personal requests on your own behalf. You’re likely to ask for God’s blessing on your life. You’ll probably ask Him for forgiveness and cleansing for daily faults. You’re sure to ask Him for help with trials, and to help you overcome temptations. But how does your prayer life relate to God’s Word? How passionately does your heart seek after His commandments?

Consider the passage before us and how David seeks the Lord. Notice the first couple words in each verse, beginning with vs. 33 of Psalm 119: teach me, give me, make me, incline my, turn away, stablish thy and turn away. Each request relates to the response of the Psalmist to the testimony of God’s Word. Each request is neither personal, nor selfish, but primarily focused on keeping God’s commands. It’s personal only in the sense that he is making request for himself. But the whole reason for praying in this manner is so his heart is, “devoted to thy fear.” He is concerned not with praying “amiss,” but in praying for the express purpose of accomplishing God’s purposes. The Word of God, alone, teaches us the will and purposes of God. In it we learn His likes and dislikes, and how we might bear fruit, receive blessing, and live for His glory.

Do your personal requests center around God’s precious Word? Maybe if we followed Biblical principles regarding prayer, we truly would be able to pray, “thy kingdom come, THY will be done.”


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