Who’s to Blame?

Who’s to Blame?

If there’s one thing that humans are entirely consistent in, it’s in our nature to sin and refuse to take responsibility. I have learned in training young children how quickly they discover they can, “pass the buck” when it comes to the consequences of their wrongdoing. It doesn’t take long at all before they start playing the blame game. But children are no exception to the rule of passing the buck. In fact, one can take a quick glance at society today and rapidly determine that we are plagued with adults who function as “delinquent children.” It’s the fault of the, “boomers” or the “millennials.” Our country is in the condition that it’s in because of the Democrats or the Republicans. It’s the rich vs the poor, one race vs another race. And yet the rage continues to build. Pride is exalted, and humility is abased.

The prophet Isaiah was a man to whom God had given a message. But before his lips could utter any further, “woe unto you,” it was necessary for the LORD to give him a “woe unto ME” moment. That is exactly what the first 8 verses of Isaiah chapter 6 signify. Upon seeing the LORD, “holy, holy, holy” and “high and lifted up” Isaiah can only utter but one response, “Woe is ME, for I am undone. For I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips…..” take special note of that last part because it’s so important. This was Isaiah’s admission that his own sin was a contributing factor to the downfall and impending judgment of his people. No longer was he merely casting blame in the teeth of the ungodly. This was his exercise of humble repentance before God, in addition to his willingness to see how his own sin had contributed to where the nation ended up. Only then could he hear the call of the LORD to serve, and humbly accept, to carry such an important message.

Christian, our nation is in trouble. But we all must understand (and accept) that the unrevived church in America is MOST to blame for where we are. We have all collectively contributed (either through willful sin or indifference) to the current state of our country. The call to revival is personal, and has probably never been more needful. So let’s restore our proper Biblical “vision” of the LORD to His rightful place, and humble ourselves in agreement with what God has said in His word about our sin. Woe is me.


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