Abiding in God’s House

Abiding in God’s House

There are many neat sights to see in Washington D.C., but one of the neatest options is a tour of the White House. Although I have never been on a tour of the White House (nor visited D.C.), I would enjoy the opportunity some day. I have heard (and have verified through research) that a visit to the White House takes some planning ahead. The White House does not allow anyone at anytime to enter in. Rather, the White House requires that one submit a request for a tour. They also require that you don’t bring a long list of items (video cameras, pocket knives, strollers, food, guns, fireworks, etc). These prohibitions and requirements do not come as shock to anyone. As the house of the President and an important government building, it is important that a certain standard is met before allowing one entrance. 

Psalm 15:1 says, “Who shall abide in thy tabernacle? Who shall dwell in thy holy hill?” The Psalmist is asking who it is that may approach God. David (the Psalmist) is not speaking of salvation here. Rather, David is speaking of the enjoyment of God’s fellowship. Not everyone is welcome to dwell in God’s holy hill or to abide in His tabernacle. Even one who is saved can be far from God and out of fellowship at times. Therefore, the Psalmist lists the requirements and prohibitions that must be met before one enters the house of God’s fellowship. 

In vv. 2-5, the Psalmist lists the requirements that we must meet if we desire to have fellowship with God. Verse 2 says that the one who has fellowship with God “walketh uprightly, and worketh righteousness, and speaketh the truth in his heart.” God begins with our inner character. To walk uprightly means that one walks with integrity. We are called to an upright walk. We are also called to a righteous work. Our actions must be in line with God’s rules and requirements. We also see that our words are important. We must speak truth and use our speech in a way that honors God. We must not be “backbiters” or use our tongue to reproach others (v. 3). 

Verse 4 deals with our loyalty to God and the dependability of our promises. We are to honor those who fear the Lord. We are to be loyal to our vows. 

Verse 5 speaks of our generosity. We are to be generous towards other people. We must not be looking to take advantage of other people for our own financial profit, but rather, we ought to look for ways to lend a helping hand to those in need. 

The Psalm concludes with “he that doeth these things shall never be moved.” 

When we desire to dwell in God’s house, we must make sure that we approach God in the way that He prescribes. We cannot approach God in any casual, flippant, or irreverential way. We must come to God on His terms. 

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