Live Like a Fool

Live Like a Fool

What does each of these have in common?

Samson in the vineyard

Judah and the broken yoke

Jews and the synagogue ruler

Servants and their sleep

This week is Summer Blast, and while I was preparing to speak to the teens an important truth grabbed my attention. “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God” (Psalm 14:1).

It’s typical to think that the fool is the atheist you can watch on YouTube or the criminal on the evening news. This is not simply an intellectual matter, it’s a lifestyle issue. As you read the rest of Psalm 14, you suddenly realize, even as a believer, I can live like a fool! One person wrote, “The fool conducts his life as if there is no God.”

Samson must be aware he has a special calling on his life. He knows he should not have anything to do with vineyards, death, or even the Philistines. However, Samson lives as if there is no God and we watch helplessly as spectators as he self-destructs.

Jeremiah preaches the Word of God to the people of Judah. They need to submit to this new world power, Babylon. He makes a yoke as the object lesson for his message of submission. Judah rebuffs the message and in the next chapter, you will find they break the yoke in defiance.

The Jews in Corinth hear the message of the Messiah, but they resist the message and blaspheme the Savior. The ruler of the synagogue believes. Later in the chapter, the Jews drag their synagogue ruler into the public square and give him a thrashing.

Jesus tells a story about a master who goes on a trip to another country. He has entrusted his riches to his servants so they would steward them in his absence. If they are good stewards, then they live and serve with the constant awareness the master could return. Those who disregard the master sleep.

All four passages illustrate living like a fool, or, you could say, living like there’s no God. Samson was sinful. Judah was stubborn. The Jews were skeptical. The servants were slumbering. It’s easy to recognize how much a fool Samson was in his sin. Are we not as quick to associate slumbering to foolish living? All the above chose to “conduct their lives as if there is no God.”

If you are in sin, then it’s time to repent and live every day with the reality of the ever-watchful eye of God. If you are stubborn, it’s time to repent and humble yourself in the sight of God. If you are skeptical of the promises of God, then it is time to reacquaint yourself with the stories of the miraculous promises he has kept. If you are sleeping spiritually, then it’s time to wake up. Only a fool violates God’s purity, resists God’s plan, rejects God’s promises, and chooses to ignore God’s presence. It’s as simple as forsaking the assembly of ourselves together or forgoing time in His Word or following the counsel of the ungodly.

Don’t live like a fool.

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