Reasoning Away God

Reasoning Away God

The faith of a little child is highly commended by Jesus in the Scriptures. It’s not so much that it’s blind faith, nor ignorance; but that a little child has no resources, and no other recourse. They also don’t reason within themselves with any great significance. When you tell a little child something, they generally believe it. They believe it largely on the basis of trusting in the authority of the individual who told them. They also don’t deny what they sense: what they see, smell, hear and feel. They simply believe.

Jesus marveled at the unbelief of the people within his own country. He was a prophet without honor there. They did not exercise the faith of a little child. Instead, they doubted and reasoned away God within themselves. They questioned His divine wisdom, and cast doubt upon the mighty works He had done. Now surely, God has given us the intelligence and presence of mind to think and reason.

He doesn’t want us to act foolishly, and expects us to utilize knowledge and understanding. But there are times when we need to exercise the faith of a little child; times when we act as Moses, “as seeing Him who is invisible.” Faith, after all, “is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” This we must remember as we move and have our being. The loss of reward, and the mighty works of Christ in our life, occur because of unbelief.

There was yet another occasion in the Gospels where Jesus marveled. It was at the immense faith of the gentile centurion, whose servant was home sick. That faith resulted in Christ healing His servant. So as you go through your life, even this day, two paths lie before you that couldn’t be clearer: the path of faith unto the mighty works of God, and the path of unbelief in which God exercises restraint. What will you choose?

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