Revive Us Again

Revive Us Again

Revival….it’s a word that is often overused and mis-understood in our 21st century Christian churches. Most Bible preaching fundamental churches are quite familiar with the term. As a pastor, I spoke about the necessity for revival quite frequently. We have revival meetings, tent revivals, revival evangelists ect. As a Bible college student, I felt inundated with the term, “revival.” Pastors would thunder across the pulpit about our great need for revival.

Yet one question always seemed to circulate through my mind; if the daily activities of our Christian lives are not consistent with the revival we so desperately claim we need, what on earth are we doing now? Are we playing games? Are we relying more on our own strength than on God’s? Are we maybe not truly living the Spirit filled lives we claim to be? What are we doing? In short, I wanted an answer to that question. So I began by studying two things: 1. The Bible. 2. The history of the great revivals in our nation and abroad.

The pointed question of Psalm 85:6 is; “Wilt thou not revive us AGAIN: that thy people may rejoice in thee?” This verse alone answers a couple of questions about revival. Primarily, it answers as to the frequency of revival and the express purpose of revival. So in my studies, I’ve learned several things about revival that I will share that you may benefit, and that God may be glorified. May reflection of these great truths lead to our humble application.

1. Revival has happened in the past, it will happen again. – Ps 85:6a
2. Revival is for the express purpose of glorifying God, and rejoicing in Him. – Ps 85:6b
3. Revival comes to God’s people, not to the lost. The lost will be converted once God’s people are revived. – Ps 85:6b, Matt 4:19
4. Revival comes when we have a refreshed view of who God is. Is 6:1-4
5. Revival comes when we have a Biblical realization of who we are, BEFORE GOD. Is 6:5-7
6. Revival comes when we seek God’s mercy in humility and contrition. Ps 85:7
7. Revival comes when we are willing to hear what the Lord has to say. Not when we only absorb what we want to hear. Ps 85:8

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