Scammers are shrewd. You have some as simple as the “melon drop.” Melons used to be expensive in Asia, so the con artist would find a tourist, bump into them while carrying a melon, and drop the melon. The con artist would yell and scream about the atrocity and demand to be repaid for the “expensive” melon.

Other scams are more elaborate like the false good Samaritan scam. Two cons find a “mark” to steal a purse from. The “bad guy” steals the purse and begins running. The “good guy” chases after him making the criminal drop the bag but getting away. Hopefully, the unsuspecting victim will pay the “good Samaritan” for his valiant effort.

Scammers are creative and shrewd. They have a way to play on your emotions and stick enough truth and hype into the situation to make it believable. Maybe you look at those people and you think, “I can’t believe anyone would do those kinds of things.”

Have you ever thought about scamming God?

David was a man after God’s heart, but not because he was perfect. In the story of David, after he has committed his ultimate failure, we see his attempt to scam others and God. First, David schemed. He would summon Uriah, Bathsheba’s husband, from battle hoping he would go home to his wife. But Uriah does not go. So the second phase of his scam kicks in: Conceal. Uriah carries his death sentence from David to Joab. In the thick of the scam, we pile on more sin so we can bury it out of sight. Throughout his scam, David abandons his fellowship with God and misleads the people.

Instead of scamming God and others, we must acknowledge our wrongdoing, accept our punishment, and appeal for restoration. David wrote Psalm 51 putting into words his deep regret. He desires to be right with God and asks for cleansing and renewing.

The prodigal son had to go through these steps. He had to recognize that he had sinned against his father and before God. He had to accept his punishment, and he appealed for restoration. God cannot use you unless your life is clean. If sins are coming to your mind, then don’t let another day pass without acknowledging your sin, accepting the correction, and asking for renewal.

After David and Bathsheba suffer the consequences, they have another son and his name is Solomon. Solomon’s name means peace. Once things are right between you and God, there is indescribable peace. Don’t allow sin into your life to disturb that peace. Sadly, it will happen, but seek to restore fellowship with God quickly.

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